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You want to buy a pattern?

You can purchase my patterns in all available languages on Etsy (worldwide)!

My English patterns are also availabe on and

In what languages can you get the patterns?

The patterns are available in German, Dutch and English. The French translations are in progress.

Are there any terms of use?

YES! Copyright of the patterns and the design of the dolls lies solely with Miss Hook // Carla Schwind. All rights reserved. For PRIVATE USE only! Neither the pattern nor parts of it may in principle be copied, reproduced or published (nor online nor print), exchanged or resold! The sale of patterns for modifications or accessories of the original manuals or dolls is not allowed. The sale of dolls manufactured with these patterns is permitted, as long as the seller has handcrafted the dolls in a limited edition (of max. 100 items/year) and the dolls are distinctly marked with reference to the designer (© Also, in all publications of photos of the dolls the designer has to be mentioned as follows: “©”.

Please label your items or fotos of the dolls with the following lines „This miss is handmade by [your name] from a design and pattern by Miss Hook // Carla Schwind //“

About me

My name is Carla, I'm a graphic- and webdesigner and I love crocheting.

Well, what do creative people do, if they get bored? They design their own stuff...

At first I crocheted hats and scarfs for my whole family and friends. After everyone had more than ten I began to make dolls for my kids ... They were my pretense, because why else should a woman crochet stuffed animals and dolls ... I had to accept quickly that my children are not so interested in my „with so much love“ made stuff, as I wish.

So I come up with the idea of designing fancy dolls for adults. No more alibi crochet, simply crochet for yourself... because it's fun and great for good mood. So have fun with my misses too!

You need help?

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